• Scientists discover mysterious ‘void’ in Great Pyramid of Giza

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    Scientists discover mysterious ‘void’ in Great Pyramid of Giza

    George Taylor, editor in chief, 03 Nov 09:45 AM

    CNN - Scientists discovered a new void in the Great Pyramid of Giza using cosmic ray technology. It is the first space found since the nineteenth century.


  • Family Left Stranded When Expedia Booking Goes Wrong

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    Did you know Expedia is not obligated to return your prepaid $874 if you are bumped by the hotel? ABC News picks up a cautionary tale of why a travel agent really is better than an OTA. Read More

  • Laptop ban expansion could disrupt agents' business

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    The Department of Homeland Security is contemplating extending the ban on laptops to all flights from Europe to the US, and ASTA is concerned that the ban could disrupt business for agents. "[W]e urge the [Trump] administration to expeditiously set clear rules of the road so that travel industry stakeholders can serve their clients, that travel disruptions are kept to a minimum," ASTA's Eben Peck said.

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  • Security experts skeptical about electronics ban on aircraft

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    Meanwhile, travel industry lobbying groups expressed their own concerns about the prohibition instituted by the U.S. and U.K. for inbound flights from certain Middle Eastern and North African countries.

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  • American Joins Delta In Offering Free Meals On Transcon Flights

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    Travelers on California-to-New-York flights will get dinner on the house.

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  • Italy is a promising destination for honeymoon travellers

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    Over the years, Italy has built a strong reputation as the land of romance and became the desired destination of numerous honeymooners across the globe. Rich in history with stunning architecture and scores of intimate activities to bond with, these …

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  • Major airline boards passengers based on ticket cost

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    American Airlines has implemented a new boarding process that separates passengers into nine groups, with travelers who paid economy fares boarding last.

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